Remodeling A Bathroom Can Increase The Value Of A Home

When considering a home remodeling project, careful consideration should be given where the money will give an owner the biggest return. Painting a room or installing carpeting will give a room a more aesthetic appearance, the return on the investment isn’t going to be very much. A remodeled bathroom or kitchen can give a good return on the money that’s invested. In order for a homeowner to get their money back on a large remodeling project, it must be done by experienced carpenters and plumbers. An amateur job will show all of the mistakes made during the renovation project.


It’s important to determine a budget for the job. A cushion of additional money should be built in because there’s always a hidden issue that arises during a renovation project. Insect, rodent, or water damage are common problems that can cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Lead pipes or paint can be found in older homes and asbestos can also be a concern. An experienced contractor can help a homeowner design a bathroom renovation that will fit into their budget and deliver a beautifully finished room. A bathroom contractor will be able to perform some investigative work before the project begins and usually recommends an addition 10 to 15 percent be put into the budget for the unknown glitches that can occur.

A homeowner should always check a contractor’s references and obtain a written estimate detailing all of the work they will perform. Stick to the project the contractor was hired for and don’t continue to ask for additional items without expecting a larger bill. An efficient bathroom doesn’t always mean it has to be increased in size. Proper planning can give the appearance of a larger bathroom without the expense. A light tube can save the added cost of installing a window and altering the framing of the home. A window can cost double what a tube light will and still gives an owner the natural light they need.

Partnering with an experienced contractor will eliminate a lot of stress during a renovation. It’s important for a homeowner to perform their research of the contractor before signing a contract.


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